Evening Courses

The Knife Skills Evening Course

Good knife skills is a key cooking technique.  Our knife skills course guides you through cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing techniques and you will get the opportunity to practice these throughout the evening.  Our instructors will talk you through the various knifes and their application as well as how to look after your knives and keep them sharp. Good knife skills are the perfect way to get your kitchen confidence up and will save you time and effort in your food preparation.

Our instructors are quailfied Chefs with many years training in some of the top kitchens. We have created an informal and fun environment taking you through each recipe step by step. This is a hand's on course with our instructors available to assist you throughout your evening.

The following topics will be covered on the Knife Skills course:

  Introductions to the various kitchen knives and their uses   

  How to sharpen and look after knives   

  Practicing a variation of cuts: dice, slice, julienne and shred   

  Dish preparation and presentation techniques


You will work with the following knives:   

  Chefs Knife - chopping, slicing   

  Boning Knife - working with meat   

  Flexible Filleting Knife - fish filleting   

  Paring Knife - peeling and preparing


Typical dishes on this course include:

  Chorizo and Bean Broth   

  Chicken and Stir Fried Vegetables

  Sweet Potato Puree,

  Chilli Ginger and Soy Dressing   


Your course starts at 6.00pm when you will be welcomed with tea and coffee and the opportunity to meet your fellow guests and instructing Chef. We will give you a short Health and Safety briefing and talk your through what you will be doing during your evening.  At the end of your evening your efforts will be rewarded with a glass of wine as you sit down to enjoy your cullinary creations.

Course times 6.00pm - 9.30pm

This course is available as an Evening or Full Day Course

We limit the number of places available on this course to 8


Course Date :
Price: £ 75.00