Half Day Courses

Half Day Fish Filleting

Fish filleting is a skill that needs to be learned, but once mastered is a skill for life that enables you to work with fresh fish to create great dishes.

Our half day course will teach you how to gut, scale and fillet a flat fish, round fish, and oily fish after which you will get to cook your fillets to perfection.


Skills that will be covered


  • Selecting a quality fish
  • Knife skills
  • Filleting a flat fish variety
  • Filleting a round fish variety
  • Fillet an oily fish variety
  • Perfectly pan frying fish


Half Day Course Format


Our half-day courses are a great way to learn a specific culinary skill or enjoy a particular cuisine. During a morning or afternoon session you will enjoy, hands-on cookery with our experienced instructors.

You will get to try all your dishes and anything leftover is yours to take home.?

We have created an informal and fun learning environment so whether you are an experienced cook or compete beginner you will be sure to get something out of your time with us.

Course Date :
Price: £ 75.00